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Energetic swordswoman in the fantasy world of Misthollow, currently adventuring with her young apprentice, Mary. Likes slaying monsters, collecting treasure, and the female persuasion.


Timid, conservative, conformist girl swept away from the town of Town to be tutored by Amy and become stronger. Likes sandwiches and shiny things.


Amy's foster father and a nature wizard who excels in the magical arts. Lives in the colossal tree Untar. Colloquially referred to as either "Tree Dad" or "Eyebrow Lord." Tends to prefer the former.


Mans the stronghold of the Radiant Knights with the colossal broadsword Goliath. He adheres closely to the model of chivalry and desires to win the heart of Amelietta, despite being thoroughly unrequited.


Member of the prestigious Avalon family and a good friend of Amy's. She usually tends to the castle, but can don her armor at a moment's notice. Sworn to protect the people of the realm, despite not believing the goodness in them.


Warrior from the Dragon's Maw off the southern coast of Misthollow. She is powerful, ruthless, and strict in her motives, and always leaves a path of fire and destruction behind her on her quests.


A magical fairy from the otherworldly village of the Sleepy Glow. He enjoys being dramatic and theatrical, and has always romanticized the dangerous thrills of the adventuring lifestyle.


Rogue member of the Sleight of Hand, a powerful guild of thieves. He is foretold to be the most heartless and evil person in Misthollow, but rumors currently circulate throughout the land about the origin of his cruel nature...



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